Giant Pandas Legends Habitat Diet Breeding Conservation


In 1998, the Chinese government declared a ban on logging in an attempt to alleviate one of the biggest threats to giant pandas. It also established a network of over 50 protected giant panda reserves nationwide to save the species.

A long time ago, giant pandas were found in various regions in China and even a large portion of Asia, including Vietnam and Myanmar. Today, they can only be found in the remote forests and mountainous regions of China's Yangtze Basin. Due to deforestation, giant panda numbers have dwindled and they have become more elusive.

Wild giant pandas usually live alone in cool and dense bamboo and coniferous forests on the mountains at altitudes of 1,500 to 3,600m above sea level. These mountains are covered by clouds and mist all year round, which are perfect conditions for wild bamboo forests to thrive - thus offering the giant pandas plenty of bamboo to feed their voracious appetites.